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About Us:
Alaska Docks is a small family business, owned and operated
by life-long Alaskan, Carmi Gubser.  Carmi is a single mom
with 4 children who range in age from 13 to 21.  One of the
children is significantly disabled, with a multiple diagnosis of
Down syndrome as well as Autism.  We believe that family
needs should be a priority! Therefore, the schedule of
operation of Alaska Docks, though a bit untraditional, works
well for everyone involved.  
We try to be available when
we are most needed
, including weekends and holidays.  We
do not operate traditional storefront hours, where much of that
time our services are not required.  

My children are my enthusiastic budding entrepreneurs, and
frequently accompany me to our job sites.   We have  been a
family business, providing docks and services to Alaskans
since 2003.

We have teamed with Re/max in 2014 to better serve our
waterfront clients.  We are interested in helping both owners
and buyers to better understand the real estate market not
just throughout Alaska, but especially in the more unique  
waterfront locations.  
"Alaska's Waterfront Professionals!"
~Carmi Gubser Owner of Alaska Docks
Remax Dynamic Properties
Alaska Docks

Feedback From Happy Clients:

Thank you, Carmi.  We appreciate you
providing us with industrial strength supplies;
helping us with useful, concise advice; and an
in-town Anchorage location (plus not jacking
up the prices since our last transaction).  If
you ever want a customer “testimonial” about
your products and service, let us know.  We
would be happy to provide a “glowing review.”  
Kevin and I have both dealt with many
contractors and suppliers over the course of
our cabin ownership and independently in our
careers, and speaking only for myself, many of
those interactions have been negative, dealing
with lazy people trying to take advantage of
temporary bargaining positions.  I have been
happy and gratified to deal with a person who
appears to put their clients first and, looking at
the long game, is rational about generating
client loyalty.  Anyway, we were pleased, and
pleasantly surprised, with our dealings with
you.  Thank you.
Kemppel, Huffman & Ellis, P.C.